About Us

The Brü Club

The Brü Club was launched in 2018 to bring a homebrew community to brewers everywhere. The crew from Brulosophy.com had an idea for “a club for the club-less”. Our aim is that is what The Brü Club becomes, a place for homebrewers to gather, an organization that people can submit entries into competitions under, and, above all, a friendly, welcoming community for anyone interested in the hobby.

Our Mission Statement:

  • To provide a club for those with no club. Homebrewing is all about the community and we want our club to provide a local-to-you community to chat, learn, and discuss homebrewing and related topics.
  • To provide a club for those with a local club already. We welcome everyone to join and become part of the larger, global homebrewing community.
  • To foster learning, education, and growth within the hobby. A hobby does not thrive when it remains stagnant. We want it to grow and aim to do that by experimenting with new techniques, ingredients, and helping homebrewers learn more about the hobby they enjoy.