National Homebrew Competition

It’s that time of year again, the registration for the NHC opens soon. On January 23rd the registration page will go live (Click here). We encourage all members who can or are interested to register under The Brü Club with a Short & Shoddy batch. All entries are welcome though!

For those of you with a local club in addition to Brü Club membership please note the response from the AHA below. We reached out to John Moorhead of the AHA to get clarification about entering the NHC with different clubs for multiple entries:


To enter the NHC, you need to be an AHA member and the way to enter the competition is synced to your account credentials. So you cannot enter the competition twice under the same account and cannot choose more than one club in that one account. We have had people ask to enter the NHC with multiple clubs before, and have not made that an option to do so.


This means that you can only pick one club to enter the NHC under. Of course, we would love as many entries from The Brü Club as possible but we also understand if members want to enter under their local club.